Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Fresh Start!

After several years of inactivity, we're pleased to announce that not only have we launched a brand new blog, The Market Chronicle, but are pumping new life into all the existing blogs. Our original, flagship blog The Rotterdam Windmill is even coming back after an exceptionally long dormant period. That blog will change gears just slightly...incorporating a broader political perspective on issues than it did previously.

Look for brand-new, original creative content on The Twilight Blue! The Reason 87 will be providing new inspiration later this week. And expect to see 3 More Monkeys start swinging again too.

We're still in the process of shaking off the rust, so if you notice something odd like a broken link, please bring it to our attention. Of course, we encourage you to subscribe (it's free!) and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, feel free to comment and interact. I monitor all the action and promise you'll get a response.

We're extremely excited and hope you'll join us on our revitalized journey.

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